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The TM Window Difference

There are some basic window and door components that any potential buyer should be aware of when evaluating products. These include the window frame, glass, seals and weather stripping.

What determines impact window and door performance?

Frame Rigidity

All windows bow and flex in high winds storms. The frame plays the main role in providing rigidity. The structural strength is directly related to the design and materials used in manufacturing the window and door. With windows and doors, thicker is always better.


  • Lowest Protection
  • Wood
  • Mid Range Protection
  • Vinyl with steel reinforcements
  • Best Available Protection
  • Aluminum


Frame Thickness

Florida’s Best brand uses 1/4 inch aluminum reinforcement in all load bearing areas. Our competitors use .062 or 1/16 inch aluminum.

Frame Depth

All Florida's Best frame sills are at least 3 inches high. This extra height (most competitors are 2” to 2.5”) is very important when there are high winds. Water collects at the base of all windows and travels up the window sill when winds are high and steady. The extra sill height means water is less likely to reach the top of the sill, reducing the chance of penetrating your residence.


Annealed: A basic clear glass commonly used in window and door manufacturing


Laminated GlassHeat Strengthened / Tempered Glass: This is a process when annealed glass is heated to improve its strength properties. Heat treated glass is 2 times stronger than annealed glass and tempered glass is 4 times as strong.


Laminated Glass: Used in all impact Florida’s Best brand windows and doors. Laminated glass is made by taking two pieces of annealed glass and structurally bonding a special plastic resin between them. The strength properties obtained are dramatic.


Lamination: Florida’s Best uses two different lamination materials that offer different performance characteristics. The type of laminated glass you may need is determined by the design pressure requirements for your home (you can contact any Florida's Best dealer to help you determine your design pressure requirements). In general, design pressure is determined by your location, building configuration and opening sizes.


The two lamination materials Florida’s Best uses are:


PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral resin) which is recommended for homes with up to 90 pound pressure ratings.

SGP (Sentry Glass Plus – inoplast). This lamination resin provides a stronger barrier and is recommended when design pressure ratings exceed 90 pounds.

Optical Quality

It’s not the same for annealed, heat strengthened and tempered glass. Optical quality refers to the clarity of the glass. Annealed glass provides the best optical quality followed by heat strengthened and then tempered glass.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is used to create a seal between the moveable parts of the window and door. Many companies cut corners, but Florida’s Best only uses top quality materials and manufacturers windows with double sided weather stripping. Having weather stripping on both sides provides an extra barrier of protection. Utilizing top quality weather stripping also helps with proper opening and closing.

Window Hardware

Hardware are the pieces used to lock, open and close the window and door. The materials used will have a dramatic impact on the customers satisfaction with the product. This is why Florida’s Best uses only top quality materials. Most people will readily agree stainless steel will hold up better in Florida’s climate so that is all Florida's Best uses for their hardware items for slide door rollers. With our windows, we use a contained spring system for opening windows which is superior to string and pulley systems found in most of our competitor’s products.


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